How much flooring do I need to order?

Measure the length x width of each space and add everything together. For vinyl floors add at least 5% waste. Engineered wood floors add at least 7% waste. Solid wood floors add 10% waste. 


What is the difference between SPC and WPC vinyl flooring?

Both SPC and WPC cores are waterproof but WPC cores are made from wood plastic composite that contain a bit of air and give that make it a bit softer and comfortable underfoot. SPC cores are made from stone plastic composite which is solid, rigid and more resilient. It is less susceptible to dents which is a plus in areas with heavy furniture or high traffic.


Why isn't the price listed on some floors?

Some flooring manufacturers will only let their minimum advertised prices or MAP be listed. That's why we ask you to call, email or chat for your quote.


Does my subfloor need to be level?

If you’re installing new floors in your home, it’s important that the subfloor is level. It’ll not only look better, but level floors will last longer. Fixing most minor high or low spots is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project that you can complete with a few tools in a weekend.

After you remove the old flooring, you’ll need to ensure the subfloor is properly prepared before laying the new vinyl, hardwood or laminate flooring. A subfloor needs to be clean, dry, level and structurally sound.

Use a level to determine if the floor is level, usually within 3/16-inch change per 10 feet for most floors. Mark any high or low spots with a pencil or marker.

High spots should be sanded (wood subfloor) or ground down (cement subfloor). Low spots can be corrected with a self leveling compound.


How is my flooring delivered?

Orders are shipped with curbside business day delivery - the driver will pull the pallet to the back of the truck and hand the cartons to you.  A lift gate truck can be arranged for an additional charge to lower the pallet to the ground.  You will need to then move the cartons to where you want them.  Please let us know if you need a lift gate when ordering and we will add it to your order.


What if I have damage?

Your flooring is carefully packaged to ship to you and should arrive in good condition. If there is any shipping damage or shortage, the number of cartons that are damaged or short must be notedon the driver's delivery record at the time it is delivered.  NEVER REFUSE A SHIPMENT.When inspecting for damage, please note that it is not unusual to have damaged cardboard that occurred during shipping or handling without having damaged contents. Shipping damage to the actual flooring is rare, but it does occasionally happen. If this occurs, separate the affected cartons, and count the number of actual pieces damaged. Your replacement or credit is based on this amount, and will be rounded up to the number of cartons needed. Do not dispose of the damaged pieces or cartons until directed by us, as they will become the property of the shipper if they so choose.


What warranty does my floor have and is it first quality?

All our products include a full manufacturer's warranty just like your local store. We only sell first quality flooring and NEVER any seconds.


Do you take returns?

We do not accept returns on any shipped orders due to the re-stocking fees and shipping charges that would be involved.