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What is the Mohawk Flooring Plastic Bank Partnership?
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What is the Mohawk Flooring Plastic Bank Partnership?

Mohawk Flooring has been making waves in the sustainable flooring industry with its innovative approach to recycling plastic waste. One of their key initiatives is the Mohawk Flooring Plastic Bank, but what exactly is it?

What is the Mohawk Flooring Plastic Bank?

The Mohawk Flooring Plastic Bank is a program designed to collect and recycle plastic waste to create sustainable flooring products. By partnering with local communities, Mohawk Flooring sets up collection centers where individuals can exchange plastic waste for goods or services.

How does it work?

Individuals bring their plastic waste to the collection centers, where it is weighed and sorted. In exchange for their plastic waste, participants receive credits that can be used to purchase items like food, school supplies, or even flooring products.

Why is it important?

This initiative not only helps to reduce plastic pollution in the environment but also provides economic opportunities for communities in need. By incentivizing the collection of plastic waste, Mohawk Flooring is able to create a sustainable supply chain for their products while also making a positive impact on the environment.

According to Mohawk Flooring, the Plastic Bank program has helped to divert millions of pounds of plastic waste from landfills and oceans, turning it into beautiful and durable flooring products.

Because plastic pollution and poverty are intertwined, Plastic Bank was launched in 2013 to champion sustainability with its Social Recycling movement. Community members collect and exchange discarded plastic for income and life-improving benefits. These exchanges are recorded through Plastic Bank’s proprietary blockchain-secured platform, enabling traceable collection and verified reporting. Then, the collected plastic is processed and recycled into feedstock for reuse.

Mohawk’s latest initiative coincides with its newest product, PureTech. A revolution in the resilient category, PureTech is a planet-friendly waterproof flooring. Made in the USA, PureTech is PVC-free and made of renewable and recycled materials.

Every purchase of PureTech will go toward stopping ocean plastic in collaboration with Plastic Bank. Mohawk’s ‘Live Pure’ campaign will come to life with PureTech assets that can be used to tell the Plastic Bank story.



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